What Boxing Gear Is Essential for a Child’s First Competition?

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Your child’s first boxing competition is always an exciting time. Kids from all over the country congregate in one city to put their skills to the test inside the ring. After logging hours of training, your children will get their chance to shine and become true champions. However, before they can step into the ring, it’s critical that they have the right boxing gear. Making sure that your children are equipped with the right gear is essential. Not only is it required by every well-known youth boxing organization, but it’s also vital to their safety.

Boxing Gloves

Boxers of every age are susceptible to hand injuries. While kids have more flexible bones than adults, which make them better able to absorb shock, they’re more susceptible to growth plate fractures.

boxing glovesThis type of fracture can affect the bones of the hands and fingers. Choosing high-quality, well-fitting gloves is key to protecting their hands. You can learn all about finding the perfect pair of kid boxing gloves in this blog post.

In addition to gloves, your child will need hand-wraps, properly applied, to provide the best protection against hand injury.


When it comes to boxing gear, nothing is more important than protecting your child’s head. To prepare for your child’s next bout, it’s a good idea to check the competition’s rulebook for approved headgear styles to make sure that the product you purchase is consistent with the rules.

Headgear are available in a few different varieties, including open- and closed-face styles. During training, closed-face styles are often used. Competition headgear, on the other hand, usually incorporates less padding to allow for a greater field of view. But even headgear with less padding should still be thick enough to absorb blows to the face. The most important thing is getting the right size; the headgear should fit snugly enough to stay put when hit.


Mouthguards are required at all levels of competition and are strongly recommended for safe sparring as well. In kid’s competitions, where young boxers are still learning to control the accuracy and speed of their punches, mouthguards are critically important. A properly fitting mouthguard will not only prevent damage to your child’s teeth, but it will so prevent accidental injury to lips or tongue. Obviously, you want to prevent serious injuries, but even a “minor” injury in the mouth can cause significant bleeding, forcing your young fighter to withdraw from the match. To prevent these situations, be sure that the mouthguard fits well and doesn’t fall out during competition.

foot protectionBoxing Shoes

Do your children really need boxing shoes? If you want to make them lighter on their feet and feel more confident about their skills, the answer is yes. Boxing shoes generally weigh less than regular athletic shoes to improve speed and balance. They’re often made from materials that maximize breathability. Soles are designed to provide adequate grip, so that your child won’t slip when delivering punches, but not so much grip that their feet get stuck when trying to move out of an opponent’s reach. Depending on your children’s preferences and need for ankle support, they can choose either low-top, mid-top, or high-top boxing shoes. No matter the style, boxing shoes are critical to your child’s speed, mobility, and power in the ring.

Boxing Trunks

Believe it or not, boxing trunks do serve a purpose. Boxers’ legs can’t be restricted in the ring and their shorts must give them room quick maneuvering. Boxing trunks are designed with a thick band that helps support the lower back. Often made from satin polyester, boxing trunks should fit snugly while still offering superior flexibility and mobility.

Groin Protector

Blunt force to the groin isn’t just painful; it can also cause serious damage, such as internal bleeding and bruising. Boys are especially at risk of being injured in the groin area. For boxing competitions, both boys and girls can benefit from wearing a groin protector. Although a shot to this area won’t hurt as much to girls, it can still be extremely painful. Groin protectors for girls are sometimes called “pelvic protectors” and can also offer protection to the abdomen. With both boys and girls, it’s essential that you choose groin protectors that are specifically contoured to their body shapes.

Final Notes

Like any sport, youth boxing isn’t without its risks. However, many of these risks can be significantly reduced with high-quality boxing gear for kids. If you need further assistance choosing the right boxing gear for your child, get in touch with us! From gloves and hand wraps to shoes and headgear, we’ll help you find the perfect boxing gear for your aspiring champion.

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