Canelo Álvarez: What is next for him?

Canelo Álvarez, without a doubt, is the biggest name in boxing. He is considered to be one of the greats boxing. He has achieved more than others could have dreamed, he is a four time division champion and is looking for a fifth division belt. He is in discussion with Billy Joe Sounders for the super middleweight bout where Canelo is going for the World Boxing Association (WBA) title which he previously won from Rocky Fieldings by a vicious knockout victory and later on vacated the title to avoid the mandatory defense. Now, this vacant title would be inline if this fight takes place.

Canelo Álvarez has appeared in 56 bouts. 53 of which are victories while there are 2 draws on his resume and one loss. In 36 fights, his opponents could not hear the final bell, his only loss came when he fought against the Former pound for pound king; Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2013. Floyd outpointed him and won by a Majority Decision, it was a unanimous decision but CJ Ross saw the fight differently and made 114 – 114 card. In that fight Floyd was untouchable and landed almost all the shots at will, throughout the fight, he was showboating and humiliating the Canelo.

The biggest fight of Canelo Álvarez’s career was against the Kazak knockout artist Gennady Gennadivich Golovkin. Almost every boxing fan and analyst knows that GGG won by wide margin but the first fight was considered as Split Draw and in the second bout Canelo was declared the winner by majority decision, the real result of the first bout could be an 8-4 victory for GGG and in the second bout, it could be 7-5 for GGG. Canelo was also tested positive for using the banned substance before the first match against GGG; Canelo was banned from boxing for up to 6 months in this regard.

In the lightweight division, Canelo Álvarez knocked Sergey Kovalev out in the 11th round and won the World Boxing Organization (WBC) title of the Russian fighter.  If Canelo moves back to the lightweight division and tries to defend his title, he may face the most avoided fighter on the planet; Artur Beterbiev who has 100% knockout ratio in his 15 professional fights, Beterbiev would be the toughest customer for Canelo Álvarez , there is no chance that Canelo Álvarez wins against Artur, who has devastating powers in both the hands and is too good at ring cutting and wearing opponents out, nobody from his own weight class could stand against his youth and power, let alone Canelo who does not belong to this division, another specialty of Artur is his granite chin, his steel jaws have absorbed a lot of beating but no one could go to the distance against him, he never lets judges make the decision, he announces his decision during the rounds with his iron fists.

Canelo could fight against GGG for the rubber match, maybe in September 2020, GGG who is showing age in his recent fight could still win the fight against Canelo but none is sure that he will be awarded the decision against the boxing cash cow; Saul Alvarez, if GGG really wants to win, he needs to knock Canelo out, otherwise, there is no chance for him, even a totally one-sided game could not lead him to win a decision.

Furthermore, Canelo Álvarez may fight the undefeated American fighter Callum Smith who never tasted the canvas and is famous as the KO artist in his division and stopped many elite fighters in early rounds.

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