What Are the Best Resistance Bands for Boxing Training?

To succeed in the ring, a boxer must possess technique, strength, speed, and power. Boxers use a lot of different tools to build these attributes. One of the most common implements you’ll find in a boxer’s toolbox is a set of resistance bands. Proper training with resistance bands are scientifically proven to help boxers develop quick hands, a strong upper body, and endurance in their shoulders.

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While it’s no secret that resistance bands are a vital tool in training, the question we’re asked all the time is how to pick the best resistance bands for boxing? If you search for resistance bands online, you will likely be overwhelmed by the sheer number of results. Sifting through everything to find the best product seems cumbersome, so we’ve decided to take our experience to make it simple for you. Here’s what you want to look for when you’re purchasing the best resistance bands.

The Two Types of Resistance Bands

The first part of investigating resistance bands is understanding that there are two types that you are likely to encounter. You have the continuous bands, which are great for body-strengthening and conditioning exercises. Then there are also bands with handles, which are typically used in shadow boxing and a number of boxing drills. Both types of bands have their place in boxing training; your best approach is to buy at least one of each.

With Handles

The bands fitted with handles usually come in a set of multiple colored bands. Each color represents a different degree of resistance. These types of bands work well for speed drills, as they force you to punch past resistance. Using these bands as part of your training will develop speed and power in your punches, not to mention greater stamina.

Without Handles

The continuous loop bands are also color-coded to represent varying amounts of resistance.

The continuous loop bands work well for full-body strengthening exercises. You can train virtually every muscle with a continuous loop band if you position the band correctly and use areas in your gym to anchor it as you pull against it.

resistance bands with handles

What to Look For

Each of these types of resistance bands has its own use in training, so consider both necessary for the sport. Now, let’s move on to the qualities you want to look for in a good product:

Long-Lasting Handles

Soft grip bands are a great option if you’re looking for a long lasting product. These types of handles are oftentimes more comfortable for the user, as well. Though, if you’re looking for a less expensive option, plastic grip bands are a great alternative.

Multi-Resistance Sets

Quality resistance bands offer a variety of different resistance levels for a customizable experience. In some cases, you can pick up a set of bands in a single package. When looking at sets of bands, look for the options that offer a good range of resistances. This way, you can purchase just one set for all of your boxing training needs.


Make sure that these sets come with a door hook or similar anchor. If you’re taking these to the gym with you, you can usually find some equipment to anchor them to. But when you’re working out at home, you’ll need to supply your own anchor to work on conditioning. Most sets will come with at least one form of anchor, so be sure to look for these.

Latex Construction

Look for heavy-duty latex constructed bands. Thinner materials tend to tear after a short period of time. Once a band tears, you can kiss it goodbye. The most durable continuous loop resistance bands are constructed with multiple layers of latex blended together to form a single strand.

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Choosing the Right Length

Choosing the right length of resistance band depends on the type of exercise you intend to perform with it. Boxing training encompasses a wide variety of activities. As we previously mentioned, boxing athletes require proficiency in a lot of different skills, so your training should be well-rounded.

Most continuous-loop bands are between 39- to 41-inches long, and these work well for larger movements like rows, pressing, and squats. Shorter continuous loop bands work well for thigh and hip movements. If you’re searching for the perfect length of a band for shadow boxing purposes, you want to choose a shorter band that’s fitted with handles. The band should be short enough that you feel tension when you wrap it around your torso.


Resistance bands are a convenient and extremely versatile fitness tool. You can take them with you virtually anywhere you go. You never have to miss a workout. Your opponents don’t rest, so why should you? Grab some resistance bands and get to work!

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