Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder II

Coming Saturday, two biggest heavyweight fighters of the era are going to face each other in a rematch at MGM Grand Las Vegas. The world number two Deontay Wilder will put his WBC belt at stake against the best British boxer; Tyson Fury. The previous meeting ended in a questionable draw, according to many writers and boxing analysts, it could be a win for Tyson Fury. We noticed that Englishman was almost untouchable during that bout against the American although Wilder Knocked Fury down two times, Tyson Fury was too good to get beaten by world number two and the match ended up without any decision.

Now, we are going to see a match again where Wilder will face Fury to defend his title. If we take a look at their previous records, we will come to know that both of them are the best in the business. British Boxer holds a record of winning 29 bouts out of his 30 without losing a single one as the one was a draw. If we take a glance at his fighting style, we will come to know that he is a technical guy who does not go to hit hard to knock his opponent out. He fights technically and his technique is too good to handle. He has 20 knockouts on his credit which makes a ratio of 67 percent of his all fights. On the other hand, we have got the American who is considered to be a knockout specialist and has won 42 fights out of his 43 with 41 knockouts. So we can well imagine how good he is on hitting his opponents hard and knocking them out. Almost every year he is nominated for with the knockout of the year. His vicious and devastating punches can knock any guy out in the hurt business.

In their heated face-offs, both the fighters are predicting the Knockout victories in the rematch, odds and stats are going in the favor of Tyson Fury who has awkward body movement and is not easy to hit while Deontay is a one-dimensional fighter who only believes in the come-forward strategy, he keeps cutting the ring and presses the fight to earn an early stoppage. On the other hand, Fury with his defensive skills keeps moving in the ring and maintains the safe distance and fights behind his lethal jabs.

Now we have to see what states of mind both the fighters are going to bring in the ring. Will they stick to their traditional style or they are thinking to do something different? What if we see an aggressive Tyson Fury and a defensive Deontay Wilder in the ring? It’s difficult to imagine but who knows what is going to happen? But due to his chin and movement, Tyson Fury has an edge in the rematch and can outpoint the Bronze Bomber. 

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